Degree Requirements

There are two general requirements for the Master’s degree: a mathematics course requirement and graduate programme courses. Students are expected to complete all degree requirements in two academic terms.

Mathematics Pre-Requisite Course Requirement

Students must demonstrate competence in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics by enrolling in GS Economic 5000 0.0 Mathematics for Economists course and obtain a passing grade.

The Mathematics Course Requirement will not be included among the eight half-courses required for the Master’s degree.

Note: This course is evaluated as a Pass/No Pass course and is not to be included as part of the 24 credits required.

The MA program is a one-year program which begins in mid-August with the GS Economic 5000 0.0 Mathematics for Economists course. Classes for the Mathematics course begin in mid-August and are held each day from Monday to Friday - 8:30 - 11:30am with tutorials from 12:30 - 2:30pm for a three week period. The final exam is scheduled at the end of the course and each student must receive a pass in order to continue in the MA program.


Master’s students must satisfactorily complete eight graduate half-courses (or equivalently 24 credits) selected in consultation with the programme Director. Specific programme course requirements are described below in (i) through (v).

  1. a Microeconomics course requirement of one of the following course options (A) or (B) as described below: (A) Economics 5010 3.0 OR (B) Economics 5100 3.0 and Economics 6100 3.0;
  2. a Macroeconomics course requirement of one of the following options (C) or (D) as described below: (C) Economics 5011 3.0 OR (D) Economics 5110 3.0 and Economics 6110 3.0;
  3. an Econometrics course requirement of one of (E) or (F) as described below: (E) Economics 5025 3.0 OR (F) Economics 6220 3.0 and Economic 6250 3.0;
  4. two Economics half-courses (or equivalently 6 credits ) in courses which include a research paper requirement that constitutes at least 50% of the course grade;
  5. students may take one elective half course (3 credits) from a graduate programme outside Economics.

Students who plan to proceed to a Ph.D. programme in Economics are advised to select options B, D and F above.

M.A. students should verify their eight course and degree requirements in consultation with the Program Director during the group advising session.