Graduate Program in Economics

Now more than ever, today's national and global leaders at the forefront of key policy making decisions and analysis have relied in one way or another on advanced knowledge of economics and its theories. From university academics and senior government policy analysts determining the benefits and costs of a potential free trade agreement, to business leaders looking at output and pricing strategies, to Central Bank and financial analysts looking at resolving financial crises, each leader has ultimately relied on key economic concepts and economic statistical analysis to determine the best outcome. Throughout each key sector in the economy, there is a greater appreciation and demand for advanced economic skills to solve any economic or business problem.

The Graduate Program of Economics at York University provides such advanced and specialized skills that will be invaluable in solving today’s economic problems. Our department has made a sustained commitment to ensure that our Master’s (MA) and PhD programs continue to be some of the best in the country. Our programs are ranked among the top programs in Canada, with strengths in Econometrics, Industrial Organization, International Money and Finance, International Trade, and Applied Economic Theory. Our program offers both applied courses associated with professional economic skills useful for work in the private or government sector, along with technical and theoretical courses and dissertation work for a career in academia.

Our program’s location in Toronto helps students establish employment networks with many firms and economic institutions in Canada’s largest commercial and financial centre. Major employers visit our MA and PhD students for recruiting, including the Department of Finance in Ottawa, the Ministry of Finance in Toronto, and the Competition Bureau in Ottawa. The annual recruiting session for PhDs is held in Toronto, where our graduate PhD students have found academic positions in universities in Canada and throughout the world.

York’s Graduate Program in Economics has particular strengths in:

  • Applied Economic Theory,
  • Econometrics,
  • Industrial Organization,
  • International Money and Finance,
  • International Trade, and
  • Monetary Theory.

We offer courses and research opportunities leading to MA and PhD degrees.