How to Apply

Graduate Program Requirements: Click Here

All admission applications for the MA or Ph.D. Economic programs must first be sent to and assessed by the Office of Graduate Admissions - Faculty of Graduate Studies for minimum requirements. Successful applicant files will then be sent to the Graduate Economics Program office for further review.

Referees may submit reference letters electronically to the Graduate Admissions Office once the applicant has submitted the Supplementary Information form and the referee has been identified as a referee.

Applicants are required to provide two official sealed copies of transcripts sent directly from each post-secondary institution attended.

Because of the structure of our core curriculum, both the MA and Ph.D. programs only admit students in the Fall term. The MA program commences in mid-August with an intensive 3-week mathematics pre-requisite course which must be taken prior to the start of the program in the Fall term. A final exam will be scheduled at the end of the course and students must receive a pass in order to continue with the MA program.

Application Deadlines

Please consult the material provided by the Graduate Admissions Office for the dates. Students who desire financial assistance should apply as early as possible. Because both the MA and PhD programs are of limited size, some eligible applicants may have to be refused admission in a given year.

Applicants who are neither Canadian citizens nor landed immigrants should also apply at a Canadian Consulate or High Commissioner’s Office for a student visa as soon as they are accepted into the program. Visa applications can take several months to process.