Financial Information and Awards

Fees and Tuition

Academic fees are determined with reference to the formula fee schedule set by the Province of Ontario. Accordingly, any adjustments to the formula fee schedule by the Province of Ontario will result in adjustments to the University’s academic fees. The University will endeavour to inform the student community immediately upon any such adjustment.

York’s residency requirement requires MA students (full-time or part-time) to pay, as a minimum, the equivalent of one year of full-time fees. Doctoral students (full-time or part-time) must pay, as a minimum, the equivalent of two years of full-time fees.

Note: Please keep your tuition balance owing below $1000.00, to prevent you from being blocked from registering for your next session.

Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies—Student Finances for more information, including fee deadlines, payroll deduction and income tax information.

Funding and Awards

York offers competitive funding to all qualified graduate students and is committed to promoting excellence in research and teaching. Training opportunities and funding are provided through research assistantships in the student’s field of study, teaching assistantships with relevant undergraduate programs and/or graduate assistantships with faculty members or research units.

Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies—Funding and Awards for more information, including financial support, bursaries and scholarships.