Degree Requirements

There are two general requirements for the Master’s degree: a mathematics course requirement and graduate programme courses. Students are expected to complete all degree requirements in two academic terms.

Mathematics Pre-Requisite Course Requirement

Students must demonstrate competence in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics by enrolling in GS Economic 5000 0.0 Mathematics for Economists course and obtain a passing grade.

The Mathematics Course Requirement will not be included among the eight half-courses required for the Master’s degree.

Note: This course is evaluated as a Pass/No Pass course and is not to be included as part of the 24 credits required.

The MA program is a one-year program which begins in mid-August with the GS Economic 5000 0.0 Mathematics for Economists course. Classes for the Mathematics course begin in mid-August and are held each day from Monday to Friday - 8:30 - 11:30am with tutorials from 12:30 - 2:30pm for a three week period. The final exam is scheduled at the end of the course and each student must receive a pass in order to continue in the MA program.


Master’s students must satisfactorily complete eight graduate half-courses (or equivalently 24 credits) selected in consultation with the programme Director. Specific programme course requirements are described below in 1 through 6.

  1. A Microeconomics course, ECON 5010 3.0,
  2. A Macroeconomics course, ECON 5011 3.0,
  3. An Econometrics course, ECON 5025 3.0,
  4. Five additional elective courses offered in the Economics Graduate Program,
  5. Students may take one elective half course (3 credits) from a graduate programme outside Economics subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Director,
  6. Students can take PhD-level courses; ECON 5100, ECON 6100, ECON 5110, ECON 6110, ECON 6220, ECON 6250 as a substitute for a compulsory or elective course in (1) to (4), subject to the approval of the Graduate Program Director.

M.A. students should verify their eight course and degree requirements in consultation with the Program Director during the group advising session.