Degree Requirements

There are four requirements for the Doctoral degree:

  1. Courses
    Satisfactory performance in eight graduate half courses or seminars chosen in consultation with the director (as described below);
  2. Comprehensive Examinations
    Satisfactory performance on written comprehensive examinations; one in Microeconomic theory, one in Macroeconomic theory, one in Econometrics, and one in an area of specialization from the listing below;
  3. Research Paper
    Preparation of one research paper (to be approved by the program); and
  4. Dissertation
    A satisfactory dissertation.

All students should verify degree requirements at the time of registration. Each candidate’s program of study and research is guided and approved by the Program Director.  Candidates are sometimes encouraged to take selected courses outside Economics.

Satisfactory performance is required in eight graduate half courses or seminars (24 credits) chosen with the approval of the Director.  These courses must include Economics 5100 3.0Economics 5110 3.0Economics 6220 3.0Economics 6100 3.0Economics 6110 3.0 and Economics 6250 3.0.  (If equivalent courses were completed at the MA level with grades of B+ or better, the latter requirement can be waived and other courses substituted).

In addition, a student must take two of the three courses, Economics 7100 3.0, Economics 7110 3.0 and Economics 7220 3.0. Satisfactory performance and registration is required in the PhD Research Seminar course Economics 7000 0.0. in each year of registration starting from the third year.

Students must successfully complete the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Theory comprehensive examinations within 13 months of enrolling in the program, and the comprehensive examinations in the Econometrics core and a Field area within 25 months.

The doctoral program offers study in the following fields:

  • econometrics
  • monetary economics
  • industrial organization
  • international money and finance
  • international trade
  • applied economic theory

The comprehensive exam in the elected field comprises two components: a written exam component and a research paper component.  The research paper should be prepared (in consultation with a supervisor) and regarded as a dissertation prospectus.  By the second year of enrolment in the PhD program a student should (a) be finished the theory comprehensive exams (b) be finished (or nearly so) the field exams (c) have chosen a dissertation field and supervisor (in consultation with the Director) and supervisory committee and (d) have prepared a written research paper to present to the program at a scheduled seminar date.

At this stage a dissertation proposal should be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  A student should consult the Program Office for regulations regarding dates and procedures for preparation of a proposal and subsequent dissertation.