Facilities and Resources

Library Resources

The York University Libraries have over 100,000 volumes in the Economics and Administrative areas, including current subscriptions and complete back runs of the leading English language journals in economics. Strong collections in history, political science and law complement the economics collection.

The Libraries have been making a special effort to improve graduate study space. The newly renovated study space on the fourth floor of the Scott Library has been assigned as a quiet reading room specifically for the use of graduate students. The room has large study tables with task lighting, electrical outlets, and network drops. In addition, AirYork wireless network access covers the entire space.

Computer Facilities

The Department of Economics has two computer labs for undergraduate and graduate students. Both labs are equipped with Pentium Four workstations that are running Windows XP SP3 with its latest updates.

The Undergraduate lab is a teaching lab and is only accessible to those undergraduate students who are taking the courses that require using the lab as part of the course teaching procedure. Not all Economics undergraduate students are eligible to use the lab. Those courses are determined by the department. If you are eligible to use the lab then your instructor will inform you. This lab is located at 1059 Vari hall, inside the Economics department.

The Stan Warner Graduate Computer Lab, is a computer lab for the sole use of graduate and doctorate students enrolled in postgraduate studies in the Department of Economics. It is open 24 hours a day, with secure access to the department during the night. This lab is located at 1041 Vari hall, inside the Economics department.